Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Body Building Websites....Body For Life

If you are into body building then you probably realize there are a ton of great websites out there with lots of useful information. Therefore I decided to start a on-going column or post that will feature different body building websites that you might find useful. These are not sites that I own, run or market but just useful sites that will hopefully provide you with more great information.

I am not sure if you true hardcore gym rates will like my first recommendation or not but I guess it is for those of us that have a family, kids and full time job and have to squeeze in gym visits between life then you . It is the Body For Life website.

It has a great community forum and lots of inspiration before and after shots. It also has a very detailed great plan for beginning weight lifters and muscle building freaks that are just getting started. So check it out!

That is it for our Bodybuilding website of the week or day depending on how frequently I get back.

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swan said...

I can recommend another website I have had good results with. It has a tremendous amount of free content on fitness-related topics by registered dietitians and other professionals. The beauty of a site like this is that they've done the homework for you and are there to help you put together a plan to fit your personal goals, whether its to lose weight, increase strength, gain muscle, or maximize athletic performance. There is also a community forum for the social support that is so necessary when you're undergoing weight loss or rigorous training.