Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Home Workout Program Weight Lifting

Back when I was a wee teen and just getting started working out and gaining muscle I remember I was way to poor to afford any cool weight lifting bench or dumbbells or even a bar or basic weights. Of course I had more energy then brains back then as most of my brains seemed to be consumed with something below my waist. Anyway on to the point right. So not having any proper gym membership or workout programs or equipment I started lifting some cinder blocks.

I remember I used to get huge blisters on my hands from the cinder blocks and so I started wearing gloves. In fact I kind of remember at one point duct taping the gloves to the cinder blocks. I have no idea today why I did that but I guess that is why I was just a young pup back then.

Anyway, the funny part of it is I gained muscle supper fast and got an incredible workout. So how many of you do your workout at home? What equipment do you have? I am sure most of you are not using cinder blocks like poor old little me back in th day but if you have a similar great home workout program for weight lifting then let me hear about it.

Sometimes just working out by yourself in the garage is a great way to get a real good session of lifting in. Since you are not at the gym and there is nothing pretty to look at then you are less distracted and not trying to look cool yourself so you just lift hard. Have any of you experienced that?

If you have some great home workout program for weight lifting then lets hear about it!

Top Workout Song

I have seen all of you out there with the cool white ear buds as you workout. So to coin a television commercial from Captial one that says, "What is in your wallet" I am going to ask my readers, "What is in your Ipod?"

What songs are you rocking out to? Country? Rap, Hardcore punk, speed metal what do you got in your ipod inquiring minds want to know!

So please post a comment here and tell us what is your Top Workout Song! Then the rest of us can download it and be rocking at the gym also.

As for me you might as what is my top workout song?
I guess I kind of like punk and ska music but find myself a product of the late 80's and 90's. So things like Green Day, Nirvana and the whole Seattle Grunge Scene is on my ipod pretty frequently. Actually I should say my wanna be ipod! I also like older retro 70's punk. The Ramones! The Clash, Sex Pistols etc.

So tell me in the comment section what is you favorite workout song and music and what is playing on your ipod. If I get some comments then maybe we can post the top five songs and have a contest and vote for them.

Body Building Websites....Body For Life

If you are into body building then you probably realize there are a ton of great websites out there with lots of useful information. Therefore I decided to start a on-going column or post that will feature different body building websites that you might find useful. These are not sites that I own, run or market but just useful sites that will hopefully provide you with more great information.

I am not sure if you true hardcore gym rates will like my first recommendation or not but I guess it is for those of us that have a family, kids and full time job and have to squeeze in gym visits between life then you . It is the Body For Life website.

It has a great community forum and lots of inspiration before and after shots. It also has a very detailed great plan for beginning weight lifters and muscle building freaks that are just getting started. So check it out!

That is it for our Bodybuilding website of the week or day depending on how frequently I get back.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Body Building Routines

There are a lot of different ways out there to build the perfect body. Each person really finds what works best for them through a system of trial and error. What will work for you depends on your body type, goals, and genetics. Your body building routine will largely depend on the the three things listed goals, genetics and body type. So there is really no one size fits all body building routines that you will find and then simply stick with for the rest of your life and build a great body. Weight lifting and workout routines for one need to be varied and will change as your body changes. As you get closer to your goals and ideal body you will have to change what you do in the gym and your daily routines in order to get those hardest last bits of muscle packed on.

Basic Body Building Routines: Beginners

If you are a beginner to weight lifting and body building then it is important to start with a very general overall fitness improvement routine. When you go to the gym you will want to work out your entire body and make sure you get lots of big core muscle body strength. This will help you to build a firm base from which to build later. So starting out to big muscle movements and routines should not be very focused or targeted on certain muscles or areas. instead strive to improve your core strength and overall fitness. Lot of cardio is great to shed unwanted fat at this point also.

Split Body Building Routines: Intermediate

If you have been going to the gym regularly three times a week or more for at least six months then you probably fall int o the intermediate category and it is time to start specializing your routine into certain muscle groups. The basic split routine is to do upper body strength training on one day, then alternate with lower body. You want to make sure you get at least two upper body workouts and two lower body workouts in each week. On the other three days of the week you will want to spend you time doing some cardio workouts and take a rest and recovery day if needed.

Advanced Body Building Routines: Advanced

After you have stuck with a intermediate split workout routine for another 6 months or so you will want to start specializing your training workouts even further. At this point it will really depend on your goals. If you are going for bulk or size or going for definition your routines will change. Typically if you are starting to do some body building competitions then you will want to start using phases for your routines. You wills tart in a bulking up phases where you will lift heavy weights with low reps and make sure your diet includes lots of protein during this phase. Then as you get closer to the competition you will want to shed any excess fat that might have built up and lean out your muscles to give more definition.

These are just some of the basics of bodybuilding routines. The two most important concepts to remember and integrate into any workout regimen are variation and customization. To get started it really doesn't matter much as long as you are doing basic core strengthen workouts. However, as you advance you will want to alter your routine frequently so you always keep the body guessing and having to adapt and change to new routines. By using variation you can often overcome perceived plateaus. It is also important to always customize your routine to fit your goals and your body type.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hello all you muscle and body building , sculpting and shaping fiends!

Welcome to my new blog site where I will detail tons of information on body building. I am a writer and webmaster and enjoy providing great quality content while building cool websites on topics that interest me. I would not lie to anyone out there and tell you I am a professional body builder with all of the perfect routines and tips that you can sit on your couch and build muscle with. There is no magic bullet and rarely a 100% right answer or way to go. Body building is unique to each individual and based on your body type, goals, motivation, genetics and tons of other things. So what I will tell you is I have experience in body building, workout regularly int he gym and am in great shape. I enjoy working out and have a lot of knowledge int he field from reading, from experience etc. So do not take what I say as gospel but if it teaches you something then great.

So enjoy the free articles, tidbits, and pieces of news and come back and visit often and leave a comment about what you think!