Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hello all you muscle and body building , sculpting and shaping fiends!

Welcome to my new blog site where I will detail tons of information on body building. I am a writer and webmaster and enjoy providing great quality content while building cool websites on topics that interest me. I would not lie to anyone out there and tell you I am a professional body builder with all of the perfect routines and tips that you can sit on your couch and build muscle with. There is no magic bullet and rarely a 100% right answer or way to go. Body building is unique to each individual and based on your body type, goals, motivation, genetics and tons of other things. So what I will tell you is I have experience in body building, workout regularly int he gym and am in great shape. I enjoy working out and have a lot of knowledge int he field from reading, from experience etc. So do not take what I say as gospel but if it teaches you something then great.

So enjoy the free articles, tidbits, and pieces of news and come back and visit often and leave a comment about what you think!


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