Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Top Workout Song

I have seen all of you out there with the cool white ear buds as you workout. So to coin a television commercial from Captial one that says, "What is in your wallet" I am going to ask my readers, "What is in your Ipod?"

What songs are you rocking out to? Country? Rap, Hardcore punk, speed metal what do you got in your ipod inquiring minds want to know!

So please post a comment here and tell us what is your Top Workout Song! Then the rest of us can download it and be rocking at the gym also.

As for me you might as what is my top workout song?
I guess I kind of like punk and ska music but find myself a product of the late 80's and 90's. So things like Green Day, Nirvana and the whole Seattle Grunge Scene is on my ipod pretty frequently. Actually I should say my wanna be ipod! I also like older retro 70's punk. The Ramones! The Clash, Sex Pistols etc.

So tell me in the comment section what is you favorite workout song and music and what is playing on your ipod. If I get some comments then maybe we can post the top five songs and have a contest and vote for them.

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