Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Home Workout Program Weight Lifting

Back when I was a wee teen and just getting started working out and gaining muscle I remember I was way to poor to afford any cool weight lifting bench or dumbbells or even a bar or basic weights. Of course I had more energy then brains back then as most of my brains seemed to be consumed with something below my waist. Anyway on to the point right. So not having any proper gym membership or workout programs or equipment I started lifting some cinder blocks.

I remember I used to get huge blisters on my hands from the cinder blocks and so I started wearing gloves. In fact I kind of remember at one point duct taping the gloves to the cinder blocks. I have no idea today why I did that but I guess that is why I was just a young pup back then.

Anyway, the funny part of it is I gained muscle supper fast and got an incredible workout. So how many of you do your workout at home? What equipment do you have? I am sure most of you are not using cinder blocks like poor old little me back in th day but if you have a similar great home workout program for weight lifting then let me hear about it.

Sometimes just working out by yourself in the garage is a great way to get a real good session of lifting in. Since you are not at the gym and there is nothing pretty to look at then you are less distracted and not trying to look cool yourself so you just lift hard. Have any of you experienced that?

If you have some great home workout program for weight lifting then lets hear about it!

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